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Operations Agent - Oklahoma City /OKC/ - Urgent Role

Southwest Airlines New York, NY
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February 19, 2023
Southwest Airlines
New York, NY
We are looking for an energetic Operations Agent - Oklahoma City (OKC) to join our high calibre team at Southwest Airlines in Oklahoma City, OK.
Growing your career as a Full Time Operations Agent - Oklahoma City (OKC) is an amazing opportunity to develop useful skills.
If you are strong in project management, cooperation and have the right drive for the job, then apply for the position of Operations Agent - Oklahoma City (OKC) at Southwest Airlines today!

Starting pay of $17.41 per hour plus Benefits youu2019ll love:
  • Opportunities for overtime and shift pick-ups*
  • Fly for free on any open seat on all Southwest flights (your eligible dependents fly, too)
  • Up to a 9.3 401(k) Company match, dollar for dollar, per paycheck**
  • An annual ProfitSharing contribution toward retirementu2014when we profit, you profit***
  • Competitive health insurance for you and your family
  • Opportunity to buy Southwest Airlines common stock at a 10 discount
  • Explore more Benefits youu2019ll love: swa.is/benefits
The People of Southwest Airlines come together to deliver on our Purpose, which is to connect People to whatu2019s important in their lives through friendly, reliable, and low-cost air travel. Our Operations Agents carry out important tasks u201Cabove the wingu201D in the airport, including finalizing details of the weight and balance of aircraft, providing an efficient and hospitable boarding experience for Customers, and coordinating with other workgroups to facilitate a flightu2019s departure. They play a quarterback role in readying a flight for departure while providing Southwest Hospitality to both Internal and External Customers daily. Operations Agents are strong communicators who enjoy working as a part of a Team in a dynamic, safe environment.As an Oklahoma City (OK) Operations Agent, you can expect:
  • A union-based role that includes working assigned shifts based on seniority. Shifts can include early mornings, late evenings, weekends, and holidays.
  • U.S. citizenship or current authorization to work in the U.S. required and no current oru202Ffuture worku202Fauthorization sponsorship available.
Southwest Airlines is an Equal Opportunity Employer.u202FWe continue to look for opportunities to reflect the communities we serve, and welcome applicants with diverse thoughts, backgrounds, and experiences. RESPONSIBILITIES
  • Provides friendly service to and maintains positive relationships with all internal and external Customers
  • Works in a cooperative spirit to ensure the success of our Company
  • Responsible for providing legendary Customer Service to people boarding the aircraft by coordinating Ramp, Operations, Provisioning and servicing aircraft to ensure on-time departures and quick turnarounds and to make up time on delayed flights
  • Works in airport operation office, gate area, jetways and air freight facilities. May be exposed to a wide variety of weather conditions and jet and machinery noise and fumes. Opens and closes the stations, advising Dispatch of same
  • Handles Station AMS and radio communications traffic as needed
  • Coordinates loading and unloading of aircraft by monitoring ramp activities
  • Answers station operations telephones
  • Advises Gate Agents when boarding will begin
  • Prepares dispatch release forms and collects weather reports from OTIS for the Crew
  • Arranges for fueling of aircraft as required
  • Prepares weight and balance forms. Advises Dispatch, FLIFO and Stations of flight departures / arrivals
  • Closes out flights; files and maintains accurate flight papers. Ascertains that aircraft are properly cleaned and provisioned prior to departure
  • Coordinates special services needed on aircraft such as servicing lavatories, cabin grooming, wheelchairs for Customers and special emergency cleaning
  • Operates boarding bridge, coordinates boarding and deplaning Customers
  • Works with Gate Agents in expediting the check-in process, collects boarding passes and/or electronic boarding data, and verifies boarding counts
  • Checks baggage, when necessary. Uses jetway stairs frequently to carry items from jetway to ramp
  • Writes and submits irregularity reports as required. Checks cargo on hand to see that it is properly logged and accounted for. Checks that all board mail and Company material is dispatched and sent to indicated Stations
  • Receives, refers, or makes paging calls and makes paging announcements, as appropriate. Keeps other station personnel advised of flight movements, weather conditions, and irregular operations
  • Prepares statistical reports to record information from trip papers. Operates equipment for flight information display systems and updates system when operationally necessary
  • Properly maintains and wears the uniform by Company regulations and presents a neat and professional appearance while on duty
  • Provides friendly service to all co-workers and Customers. Performs special task or assignments as delegated by Supervisor or Station Management personnel
  • Responsible for ground security and assuring operations follow security procedures
  • May perform the duties of a Freight Agent. Further information can be found in the Freight Agent PAQ
  • Must be able to meet any physical ability requirements listed on this description
  • May perform other job duties as directed by Employees Leaders
  • Ability to work well with others as part of a team, meet the public, and work under stressful situations
  • Must be GSC qualified
  • Must comply with DOT drug and alcohol testing program
  • Ability to read documents, follow instructions, learn and understand ramp operations procedures, rules and regulations
  • Ability to type and/or use a computer keyboard with sufficient speed to meet demands of the job
  • Must successfully complete Operations Agent training program with a 90% or greater average and evaluation / probationary period
  • Must be aware of hazardous situations and be able to handle emergencies as needed
  • Able to work under pressure and handle many functions at once with many different offices and/or groups of people
  • Must work under tight time constraints to accomplish quick turns of aircraft
  • Must possess good written and oral skills
  • Must present a well-groomed appearance in accordance with the Ground Operations Employee Handbook and Labor Agreement
  • Must be able to effectively communicate verbally by telephone, face to face and public address systems
  • Must be able to be alert to moving vehicles or aircraft and use radio equipment
  • Must be able to communicate information and instructions verbally or via radio equipment
  • No education requirement
  • Preferred: Two years of airline/military related work experience in ramp/operations/provisioning functions
  • Must be able to obtain a SIDA badge and meet all local airport requirements
  • Must possess a valid state motor vehicle operator's license
  • May be required by Station Leadership to obtain a Customs Seal and meet all requirements to work international flights.
  • Must be able to lift and move items of 70 pounds and/or more. Must be able to climb, bend, kneel and stand on a frequent basis and for extended periods
  • Must be able to carry heavy items up and down jetway stairs
  • Must maintain the ability to wear prescribed uniforms
  • Must maintain a well-groomed appearance per Company appearance standards as described in established guidelines
  • Must be a U.S. citizen or have authorization to work in the United States as defined by the Immigration Reform Act of 1986
  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Must be able to comply with Company attendance standards as described in established guidelines
  • Ability to work shift work and/or overtime
  • Foreign language skills are desirable, but not required
  • Must currently reside in Oklahoma.

*The starting wage rate increase above the contractual minimum wage is reviewed periodically and can be changed or discontinued at any time at the Company u2019s discretion. Overtime pay is computed solely on base pay rate

**401(k) match contributions are subject to the plan u2019s vesting schedule.
***ProfitSharing contributions are subject to the plan u2019s vesting schedule and are made at the discretion of the Company.

Pay Rate: $17.41 Southwest Airlines is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
Please print/save this job description because it won't be available after you apply.

Benefits of working as a Operations Agent - Oklahoma City (OKC) in Oklahoma City, OK:

● Company offers great benefits
● Advancement opportunities
● Advantageous package

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